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King Swiss Acres

          of North Texas


Breeders of those clever, gentle, loving, friendly, playful, loyal, goofy

 fluff-balls better known as Bernedoodles.

King Swiss Acres  of North Texas (KSA) is a small in-home breeding program located in a rural town just North of the D/FW Metroplex, specializing in the production of Bernedoodles (Bernese Mountain Dog dams with Standard Poodle sires).  Up until recently, our program was small enough to depend on word of mouth and repeat referrals which had proven to be the most reliable and legitimate marketing strategy for us.  However, as we have grown in recent years, we want to expand our reach through the Internet to make sure our litters are more easily locatable by those most interested in the Bernedoodle breed.

We only keep the Dams (females) on property and prefer utilizing various male service poodles for their many coloring variations. This allows the litters to reflect a multitude of markings from the popular tri-color pattern of the Bernese Mountain Dog (black, white and rust) to other possibilities such as Sable, Phantom and Parti colors!


Want to know more about us, our facility and breeding practices?

Here is where you will find info on our current sires and dams.

Infor on our current and previous litters to include how we raise/train our pups.

If you need adoption process info, contracts, and other general information, look here.