This past year has been a challenge to many of our (potential) families and we recognize the struggle, because it has been just as 'real' for us too.  Our response to these trying times is to partner with a leading financial lending institution in order to provide you with a financing opportunity that will enable you to purchase your new family member when times are a bit trying.

We have therefore added the benefit of offering the financial services of LendingUSA to our customers as an alternative means for acquiring the newest member to your family.  LendingUSA has an excellent A+ rating with the BBB, and at least a 4.5 (out of 5-star) rating from Google, Trustpilot and Birdeye.  They have been seen on Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Market Watch and The Street and have provided almost 3/4 of a $Billion dollars in loans since their inception in 2015.  

This is not an impractical idea!  Almost everything in your life is paid through some sort of loan... If you buy a house you will get a mortgage loan, and your next car will be purchased with an automobile loan.  When you use your credit card to purchase household items, gifts or a vacation, that is loan.  You probably even 'financed' your children when they were born!  Once the insurance company paid their part, you were left with a hefty portion that you more than likely made payments on.  THAT was a form of a loan as well!!!

Their lending program in a nutshell:

  • You must have at least a 620 FICO score

  • Loan amounts are a minimum of  $1K to a maximum of $35K

  • Funds are deposited between 3-4 business days into borrowers account after loan execution*

  • Term of loan is either a 36 month or 60 month term with a 6-month prepayment promotion**

  • There is an 8% (of loan amount) origination fee which is rolled into the loan balance***

  • There are no loan prepayment fees should you desire to pay off your loan early

  • Interest rates charged will fall between 10.99% and 22.99%

Whether or not you choose to finance your puppy purchase, you will still be required to pay a $500 non-refundable deposit with your submission of our Application.

If you are ready to apply for financing, or, would just like to find out what your loan rates would be with LendingUSA...

* - Once you receive your funding, you will still need to submit the total amount owed for your puppy purchase to us prior to our releasing your puppy to you.

** - It doesn't matter which length you choose for your loan term, it can be paid off earlier, penalty free, at any time.  Also, if your loan is paid in full prior to the 6th month of your loan term, all of your paid interest will be refunded to you!

*** - There is no fee in applying for this loan.  If you are turned down for any reason, you do not have to pay anything.  Once your loan is accepted, the 8% origination fee is rolled into the amount of the loan.