King Swiss Acres is a small in-home breeding program located in a rural town just North of the D/FW Metroplex, specializing in the production of Bernedoodles (Bernese Mountain Dog Dams with Standard Poodle Sires).  The operation is owned by Leigh Davies-Allison, assisted by other family members and friends and we employ various local high school students interested in animal husbandry and even veterinary sciences.

Since this has been a part-time venture in the past and most of the people involved in our program have had other full-time employment occupations, we had depended solely on word-of-mouth and repeat referrals which had proven to be the most reliable and legitimate marketing strategy for our program.  However, due to many recent and upcoming changes occurring with us and this program, we are expanding our reach through this website as well as a few social media outlets to ensure our litters are easily identified by those

most interested in the Bernedoodle breed.

We only keep the Dams (females) on property and prefer utilizing various male service poodles for their many coloring variations.

his allows the litters to reflect not only the popular tri-color

pattern of the Bernese Mountain Dog (black, white and rust), but provides the possibilities of Solid, Sable, Phantom, Brindle and Black with White Bernese markings on our puppies as well!


As a final note, besides dealing with the shear craziness of 2020 in general, we have been heavily invested in the total remodel of our home and kennel for the past year.  The dogs (and puppies) have been introduced and forced to deal situations not necessarily within their 'norm', but have all come out of the chaos with flying colors.  Although the project is still not completed, we feel it has been a positive experience on all of the animals who have shown remarkable adaptability and accommodation towards their humans and our hysteria-filled lives.  And moreover have repeatedly proven how Berners and Doodles are some of the most loyal, adoring, flexible and forgiving breed of dogs out there!