How long have you been breeding Bernedoodles?

We have been breeding Bernedoodles for just over two years. We have been breeding Bernese Mountain Dogs (off and on) for almost 15 years.

Do you breed any other dogs besides Bernedoodles?

No. We only breed Bernedoodles now.

How large is your operation?

At any given time, we only have 3-4 Bernese Mountain Dog Dams (and their litters) in our program. We do not own, nor keep Poodle Sires on property.

How often do you breed your dogs?

Our girls are bred every other heat cycle, which usual equates to once a year. They are retired and no longer bred after they reach the age of 7 years.

Are the puppies socialized?

The puppies have spent time with the other Dams in our home as well as two cats, a parrot, a pair of Lovebirds and the myriad of humans (family, helpers, construction workers, etc.) who enter and work around our property.

Do you supply a health guarantee?

A certification is provided to the buyer stating the puppy is of good health, free of any health-related issues, has had routine veterinarian care and all prescribed inoculations and deworming administration at the time you pick-up your puppy. A warranty against any congenital or genetic defects causing poor quality of life, death of or making necessary euthanasia of puppy/dog is provided for up to 24 months from birthdate of puppy/dog. A buyer has 3 days from date of possession of this puppy to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian in order for the health guarantee to be valid. (This is important to keep in mind when picking up your puppy on a Friday or Saturday. )

A warranty for Hip Dysplasia is provided for one-year also.

What vaccines and how many shots have the puppy received and when is the next puppy shot due?

A health certification will be provided to each new owner detailing all vaccines and medications provided to their specific puppy as well as the date any new/booster shots are due. We strive to have provided the puppies their second round of shots prior to their being picked up by a new family.

Can we see the puppy’s parents?

The puppy’s Dam is on premise and you are welcome to see her via video prior to pick-up day, or at the time you come to pick-up your puppy. The Sire is not on property as we prefer to utilize a varied number of siring services for better health, size and coloring possibilities. Information on the Sire is provided on our website and buyers are welcome to contact the Sire’s owners for further verification.

Have any of the puppies in this litter been sick or have any other health condition?

No. All puppies are healthy and have not experienced any sickness or health condition, nor have any of our dogs within the last two years.

(This response is updated with the birth of each litter)

What is the puppy’s family history?

Copies of the AKC registration on both parents will be provided to the buyer after your deposit is received. Although many of the Dams and Sires used at KSA have championship bloodlines, Bernedoodles are not AKC registerable, therefore their legacy credentials are provided as information and as a courtesy only.

What Is this Bernedoodle’s temperament and energy level like?

Bernedoodles have a very positive, friendly and delightful demeanor, are curious and playful, social and willing to approach most people (and enjoy being held by them). And generally speaking, Doodles prefer the company of humans over other dogs! They are among the easiest dog breeds when it comes to training, always willing to please their human. (However, they do not do well with any sort of aggressive training.) They easily adapt to other animals and to the dynamics of their new home. They even do well in all weather conditions, although it is recommended to keep them indoors during the warmer days of summer. Bernedoodles have a moderate to high energy level (dependent upon their size, age and socializing practices) and enjoy at the very least, average exercising activities. Like their Bernese Mountain Dog parentage, they are ‘Velcro’ dogs and love to be with and sharing in any activities their human is involved in. They are attention hounds and are a very adaptive, easygoing breed which is a very good choice for novice owners.

What grooming does this breed require?

It is dependent upon your puppy’s coat as to their particular grooming needs. As a good practice, you should brush out your Bernedoodle a few times a week and consider having them professionally groomed every 2-3 months. If your puppy has a curly coat, it will not shed as much as a Bernese Mountain Dog. However, if your Bernedoodle has a less curly, more wavy-like hair, they will shed a bit more and will require more frequent and routine brushing. Bathing your puppy should also become a regular practice dependent upon how dirty they get. But be aware that bathing too often can lead to dry, itchy and sensitive skin.

What do you feed your puppies?

Our puppies are fed Purina Pro Focus Puppy Lamb & Rice formula.

This Pro Plan formula obtains the major portion of its meat protein from lamb and has a low grain recipe. The dry matter label analysis reveals the recipe contains 32% protein, 15% fat and 45% estimated carbs… which yields a fat-to-protein ratio of about 47%. We have chosen this formula over any that has chicken as the primary meat protein source because our Bernese Mountain Dog Dams have experienced allergies that seem to stem from the ingestion of chicken-based dog food. Purina Pro Plan formulas are time-tested with balanced calcium levels ideal for large and giant breed puppies. We, as well as our veterinarian, recommend this food with confidence. However, the ultimate decision on what you feed your Doodle puppy rests with you.

You will be provided a 5-day supply of this food at the time you pick-up your puppy.

Do you require a breeder’s contract?

No. We hope and expect that prospective breeder/owners practice responsibility toward the breed and to the community. If the puppy is purchased as a pet, companion and/or service animal, we highly encourage the new owners to make the responsible decision to spay/neuter their puppy at an appropriate age.

Can we visit the puppies in person prior to their pick-up date?

Unfortunately, in-person visits have been restricted due to the threat of contamination to the puppies as well as the concerns for Covid-19 to my family and assistants. However, alternative ‘visitation’ methods are offered, and you are welcome to read about them HERE.

Can we contact you after taking the puppy home?

ABSOLUTELY! We expect to hear from you with updates and pictures of your new family member for years to come! And we are all too happy to help you post-adoption with any questions and/or concerns you may have.

What form of payment do you take?

We will accept payment through PayPal (which includes credit cards), Venmo or cash at the time the puppy is picked-up. (Deposits will need to be made prior to pick-up date via our payment website.) ABSOLUTELY NO CHECKS IN ANY FORM WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR PAYMENT (this includes personal, cashier, money order or traveler's cheques.) The only exception to this rule is if you are an established customer of King Swiss Acres.

Do you offer any type of financing?

Yes. We are in the process of contracting with a finance company that specializes in Pet purchasing, medical and supply expense financing. If you are interested in financing your purchase, you may click HERE to learn more about our loan partner, LendingUSA.