We currently have three Bernese Mountain Dog Dams in our breeding program with an intent to add another female in the Spring of 2021.  All of our breeding females are family pets and they live in our home with us.  They were all purchased as puppies and grew up on our 3-acre farm with interactions from other people, animals, young children, equip-ment and even construction activity from the burgeoning countryside.  Along with full access to our home, the ladies have their own kennel attached to the rear of the home where they can play, sleep, eat and access their backyard area of our farm.  The kennel is also where they are bathed/groomed, whelp and where litters are placed at 3 weeks of age, once their eyes are open and they are more mobile. 


All registrations and certifications will be provided upon request after initial deposits have been received.

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Anya is the alpha of the program and is over 2-yrs of age. She just had her first litter of 8 puppies in January of 2021. She is definitely the matriarch of the harem and is often the calming influence when the younger ladies get a bit rowdy. Anya has championship bloodlines on her sire's side and we think she is just perfect no matter what her heritage!

Pre-pregnancy weight was 78lbs and she is 26" tall.


Mia is 16 mos old and up next to breed sometime during the Fall of 2021.  Mia comes from a litter of 11 puppies and she must have been a stand-out from the very beginning as she is funniest, goofiest most high-spirited female that we own - And we could not love her more!

Mia currently weighs 72lbs and is 25" tall.


Solee is our youngster at just over 12 months of age. She is the trouble-maker, but also the  life of the party.  All the girls enjoy being around their humans, but Solee is happiest  always 'touching' (or lying against) one of us. Pure love! 

Solee is current 62lbs and 24" tall.


Our most recent stud service Sire was UKC/ICKC Grand Champion Fireball’s Bootlegged Whiskey Black CGC, or as he is more lovingly referred to as, 'Oliver' from Fireball Hill Poodles.  He is the sire of Anya's most current litter.  Even though Oliver had a very heavy heritage of reds and rusts in his family line, he nevertheless produced a litter of almost all black Doodles with Anya.

Oliver is 26 inches tall and 26 inches long, and at his most recent vet check, weighed 68 pounds. 

His Embark health report can be viewed here: