Puppy Adoption is EASY and can all be handled here on this website!

1.  Fill out our APPLICATION

     You don't have to choose your puppy at this stage, but to

     ensure you receive the puppy of your choice, you should specify

     at the time you submit your deposit.

2.  Wait to hear back from us regarding acceptance of your


     That's right, we don't just let anyone purchase our puppies. We

     want to know these puppies which we have spared no cost in

     breeding and raising nor the level of our investment of time,

     energy and love will go to a qualified and deserving family. 

3.  Once you hear back from us, go to our PAYMENT page and

     submit either your deposit (of $500) or the full price ($2,000)

     for your puppy.  

     Please be aware that the State of Texas requires us to charge

     for Sales Tax which is included in the full price of the puppy.

4.  Once we have received your funding for your reservation, you

     will hear back from us regarding the necessary next steps to

     follow prior to picking up your new family member.

     UNDERSTAND, the "WAITING" to actually get your new

     puppy is the hardest part of our adoption process!